Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Basic Laws of Life (3-The Law of Request)

- As soon as you are ready to ask for help you are
ready to receive it. You are ready to accept the
wisdom that goes with it. Then the higher powers
will align themselves to help you.

 Helping people who have not asked for your help prevents them from learning from their situation. Obviously we help people in danger without  their asking

 The Universe is waiting to help you.
All you have to do is ask.

The Basic Laws of Life (2- As Within, So Without)

- The Universe rearranges itself to reflect your reality.Literally as within so without.

Passion is fuel. Love is the language of
divine will. Faith in the divine energy of
the universe activates divinity in our lives.
Find your passion. Share it with love. The
universe supports it. Trust

The Universe rearranges
itself to bring you
what you believe.

The Basic Laws of Life (1-As Above, So Below)

-The Universe loves you and holds a vision of your future as an enlightened person no matter what mistakes you are making on Earth.

 -The Universe waits without judgment as we
experience and learn. When we are ready it opens new doors.

-When you are happy, heaven rejoices. God’s will is for you to do what gives you joy, fulfillment and a sense of worth. 

-Choices that promote love, harmony and joy
come from the higher or divine will and always empower us.

-When you are ready to receive something from the Universe, ask calmly and pleasantly. They will be delighted to let you have it. Value it when you get it. 

-The angels find it very difficult to access you
through determined negativity. They can only
stand by to help.

The same things
touch God’s heart as touch
a human heart.

Monday, September 19, 2016



It is a wonderful book by Diana Cooper It talks about spiritual laws & how to live heaven on earth

"Life on Earth is a team game. It is vital to learn its rules actually we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies When you understand and
follow the spiritual laws you can create heaven on Earth.
When people take themselves too seriously they are critical and judgmental of themselves and others.
It is time for change. To achieve this we are asked to learn the rules, work together and clean up our game.
When we follow the spiritual laws we are able to reach enlightenment. We experience a feeling of oneness and live in love, compassion and trust. This is heaven on Earth. Life becomes joyous, peaceful and harmonious.
Stop wandering around the maze of life in confusion and fear. It is time
now to walk confidently and purposefully into a new arena.
to master life.


1 As Above, So Below .
2 As Within, So Without .
3 The Law of Request .
4 The Law of Attraction .
5 The Law of Resistance .
6 The Law of Reflection .
7 The Law of Projection .
8 The Law of Attachment .


9 The Law of Attention .
10 The Law of Flow .
11 The Law of Abundance .
12 The Law of Clarity .
13 The Law of Intention .
14 The Law of Prosperity .
15 The Law of Manifestation .
16 The Law of Success .


17 The Law of Balance and Polarity .
18 The Law of Karma .
19 The Law of Reincarnation .
20 The Law of Responsibility .
21 The Law of Discrimination .
22 The Law of Affirmation .
23 The Law of Prayer .
24 The Law of Meditation .
25 The Law of Challenge .


26 The Law of Frequency or Vibration .
27 The Law of Miracles .
28 The Law of Healing .
29 The Law of Purification .
30 The Law of Perspective .
31 The Law of Gratitude .
32 The Law of Blessings .
33 The Law of Decree .
34 The Law of Faith .
35 The Law of Grace .
36 The Law of One .

The Spiritual Laws
and you will create
Heaven on Earth.
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