Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Basic Laws of Life (1-As Above, So Below)

-The Universe loves you and holds a vision of your future as an enlightened person no matter what mistakes you are making on Earth.

 -The Universe waits without judgment as we
experience and learn. When we are ready it opens new doors.

-When you are happy, heaven rejoices. God’s will is for you to do what gives you joy, fulfillment and a sense of worth. 

-Choices that promote love, harmony and joy
come from the higher or divine will and always empower us.

-When you are ready to receive something from the Universe, ask calmly and pleasantly. They will be delighted to let you have it. Value it when you get it. 

-The angels find it very difficult to access you
through determined negativity. They can only
stand by to help.

The same things
touch God’s heart as touch
a human heart.
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